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Monday, January 11, 2010

Public scrutiny imminent...

How has political correctness gotten to a point of such absurdity?
In a world where teachers cant hug children at the risk of sexual charges , and Merry Christmas must be modified to "Happy Holidays" where can we draw the line?

The Fashion industry is fucked... as much as I idolise it I can see through the facade.

Just because you own a Hermes bag or a Balmain jacket makes you neither a celebrity or even a better/cooler person, it just means you have money and are making sure everyone knows it.

As much as I worship models I do understand they do not wake up looking as spectacular as they appear in the glossy pages of a magazine.

Although I acknowledge the craftsmanship in a Chanel quilted clutch I do see the price-tag outrageously unreasonable.

And as beautiful as the flawless face of Cate Blancett appears I am intelligent enough to realise that extensive cosmetic surgery has more to do with the appearance or her skin than Sk-II moisturizer does.

In saying all that.... Why does political correctness need to ruin the fantasy for me?
In a obesity epidemic is is entirely necessary to make overweight people feel that their lifestyle choices are beautiful and glorify unhealthy habits..? Why is there no happy medium?

Why are the runways showing either this:

Or This:

Why do editorial showcase either this:

Or this:

Why is political correctness always taken to such an extreme?
P.S I apologise for the "we must ask ourselves..?" Carrie Bradshaw type post, Im not trying to be remotely throught provoking. This is just me.


  1. Agreed. The '90s had the right idea, glamazons ruled and it was something to aspire to. Now the choices are either unattainable or undesirable.

  2. I bet you feel the weight of the world lifted off you now you vented that! lol...
    Well said by the way 'Here Here'

  3. I think models like Lara Stone are a pretty good intermediate.

    The not-so-freakishly thin girls on Gossip Girl, the celebrities refusing digital editing,

    I think we're getting there slowly.